So…..About Saturday…..

So on Saturday June 30th. We went to Visionary  and it’s basically a class with businesses that want to get started and move forward with what they have. The group I’m with chose Dedra Lee and she has a bakery business that helps at risk youth children get jobs and stay out of trouble. So far, it’s going well and I feel like that if she would’ve been there at the meeting that day that our pitch website idea would’ve went a lot smoother and we would’ve made more progress  if she’d been there. But overall, the meeting was nice and we got input back on our website. I honestly feel a little confused because I don’t want to make a mistake or put work into the website and she won’t even like it. To be honest, that was the only down side to the meeting because the person we were supposed to be meeting didn’t show up and it would’ve been nice and helpful to have her input on her website that we’re building for her.

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