Wednesday/Thursday for Me

So when I came back on Thursday I helped with the website and conduct interviews. I did more research about the topic and put it on to the website and make revisions to make the website look better and more professional.

Not Wednesday …

I wasn’t here Wednesday, but I learned today that we started on our website and Alicia did a very nice job starting it by herself on her part because she didn’t know any information on my side of the topic. But overall the website looked great.

The Start of Tuesday

On Tuesday, we had to do research on our topic using google scholar. That didn’t really work well with me because I couldn’t find the certain thing I was looking for without having to pay for anything. So I had to use Google to find my 5 websites because we had to find 10 per group. Since we have 2 different topics combined into one group we decided to split up the work and find 5 websites dealing with each topic.

The end of Monday

On Monday, we had to choose our groups and make a documentary on a problem or anything that affects our community by using S.T.E.M or S.T.E.A.M which is using science, technology, engineering, math, or using art which makes it S.T.E.A.M. I wanted to do something dealing with trauma or dealing with childbirth because I want to be a trauma nurse or be a obstetrician which is delivering babies. Alicia wanted to do something that dealt with art because art deals with art,dance,music anything considered as art. We decided that since I want to do something that deals with childbirth or trauma and she wants to do something with art that we would combined the topics together and get one huge topic. Our topic is Dealing with Postpartum Depression and using art therapy to cope with the postpartum depression.

Making A Difference In Our Community

Alicia and I are making a documentary about Postpartum Depression and the traumatic effects of childbirth and how it affects the black mothers in our community. We made a website about it that hasn’t been published to the community yet, but soon it will be. First on Monday we had to pick our teams. On Tuesday we have to figure out our topic and the research that we need to do for the documentary.  On Wednesday we have to start on the website for our topic that we were doing research on. On Thursday we have to some what complete the website and learn how to use an app called “wevideo“.

Fourth of July Week!!

Alicia was one of our speakers this week. She was talking to us about how us as of a group of females working together that we need to socialize with each other more then we do. I feel like she was right because us as females need to stick together and be there for each other more because of the simple fact that we are degraded in society today anyways and we don’t need to be doing it to each other. We should be uplifting each other and helping with everything we can help with because we’re all we got.

So…..About Saturday…..

So on Saturday June 30th. We went to Visionary  and it’s basically a class with businesses that want to get started and move forward with what they have. The group I’m with chose Dedra Lee and she has a bakery business that helps at risk youth children get jobs and stay out of trouble. So far, it’s going well and I feel like that if she would’ve been there at the meeting that day that our pitch website idea would’ve went a lot smoother and we would’ve made more progress  if she’d been there. But overall, the meeting was nice and we got input back on our website. I honestly feel a little confused because I don’t want to make a mistake or put work into the website and she won’t even like it. To be honest, that was the only down side to the meeting because the person we were supposed to be meeting didn’t show up and it would’ve been nice and helpful to have her input on her website that we’re building for her.

My First Week

I started on Monday June 18 2018. So far it’s been a good week and I’ve learned a lot of things on how to code a website rather then just put things on a page for somebody else to handle. Ms.Swervo came in and talked to us about her writing workshop and how we should “Be comfortable with being Uncomfortable.”. I think what she meant by that was to get use to not knowing everything and be able to put your pride aside and say that you don’t understand and that’s OK. Once you’re comfortable with saying you don’t know what you’re trying to do, your’e going to be open to trying to learn something new and will better yourself in the long run. I got through HTML Intro this week finally. So far, it has been a good week and I hope it stays this smooth the rest of the 6 weeks left.

About this Person right here

About me. What can I say? To start off, I’m really short. Like 5’0 even short. I work at Empowered at the moment. I like food  :).  I’m not as social as people think I would be because I don’t really like talking if i can’t talk about what I want to talk about. I listen to all types of music, but mostly Kevin Gates. I’m a good listener if i need to listen. I will argue a lot if I feel like somebody is wrong in that situation. That’s a little information about me for the time being. Hope you enjoy my website. 😉